Ways to Use Instagram Live for Business

Instagram launched this week Instagram Live, it’s new service that lets users broadcast live videos using the photo sharing app. This is the company’s first foray into live-streaming, and it works much like Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live, where videos are shared candidly and in the moment Instagram Live works by streaming real-time videos via [...]


Facebook for Business: Everything You Need to Know

As one of the biggest online social networks, Facebook is practically a necessity for businesses of all sizes. But just because it's popular doesn't mean it's easy to navigate. The platform has seemingly endless options for everything from page customization to paid advertising, and it can get complicated for anyone who's unfamiliar with how it [...]

Social Media Selling Solutions for Small Businesses

Want to turn your social media accounts into a profitable e-commerce business? Or use Instagram, Facebook and other platforms to boost sales? With social media selling, anyone can become an online merchant without having to invest in a website or give online marketplaces a cut of their profits. Social media e-commerce is a big hit [...]

Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Every business owner knows that entrepreneurs are more successful when they lean on one another for support. One important tool for finding that support is Twitter, which has a huge community of entrepreneurs and leadership experts offering their expertise, 140 characters at a time. If your business strategy could use some help, or if you [...]

How To Connect With Stranger On Linkedin

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professional use, so it can feel like a privacy violation to use it to reach out to people you don't know. Whereas people are usually wary of friend requests from strangers on social networks like Facebook, there's a little more leeway on LinkedIn. After all, the platform [...]

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Do you use Instagram for your business? If you've downloaded the latest app update, you've likely noticed a new feature at the top of the platform: Instagram Stories. Like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories allows you to post photos and videos in chronological succession to tell a "story" over the course of a day. These images [...]

Best Way To Use Twitter Video on Social

The way users post video to Twitter is changing, the social media giant has announced. Twitter plans to fully integrate native video capabilities as video becomes more popular. According to Twitter, video tweets have increased by more than 50 percent since the beginning of 2016. Previously, videos uploaded to Twitter were restricted to 30 seconds [...]

How to Adapt Facebook Ad Changes

Facebook is constantly changing the way users interact with and experience the social network. Each time, these changes affect the marketers and advertisers who rely on the site's reach. Recently, Facebook announced it will be limiting ads based on user preferences. The company will offer everyone controls over the ads they see, including tools to [...]

New Twitter Character Count Means Better Customer Service

Twitter has changed the landscape of communication since the social networking site's inception 10 years ago. Users' "tweets" have always had a 140-character limit, which has forced people to get imaginative, by shortening words or closing the space between a period and the next thought. Though that creativity might not ever completely disappear, the strict [...]

How to Survive Instagram’s Algorithm Update

On March 28, Instagram users woke up to a barrage of posts that asked them to turn on notifications for accounts they follow. The clamor was due to a huge update that's coming to the photo-sharing app — a change that puts small businesses at risk for losing customers. Instagram recently announced that it is [...]