How to Create the Best Business Slogan

With all that a new business owner has on his plate, developing a good slogan or tagline may not be a top priority. But if there’s a lot of competition in your market, a good slogan could be the thing that separates you from the competition.

“Your slogan is shorthand for what you do,” explained Tom Fauls, Associate Professor of Advertising at Boston University’s College of Communication.

“Your slogan should express to people why they should care about your business,” he told BusinessNewsDaily. “While memorable and clever slogans are good, they are not effective if they are not relevant to what you do.”

And, while you might think that your slogan needs to be short, we counters that many of the most memorable slogans have been quite lengthy, actually. “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking,” isn’t necessarily brief, but it certainly has been effective, he said.

Here are some memorable and effective slogans, both long and short, that you’ve probably heard:

Breakfast of champions
When you care enough to send the very best
When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight
It takes a licking and keeps on ticking
Melts in your mouth, not in your hands
Let your fingers do the walking
Plop, plop, fizz. fizz
Have it your way
Were you able to recall the company names ? That’s what defines these slogans as effective.

Even when you do come up with something you think is great, you have to make sure no one else is using it. A quick check in an Internet search engine should give you an idea.Once you do come up with something you like that isn’t already being used, you should copyright your idea in your state and on federal level.

small businesses may find that a freelance marketing or advertising person could be of assistance in coming up with a good slogan. We recommends that business owners pay for that kind of service on a project basis (rather than hourly) to put a cap on the cost of developing a slogan or tagline up front.


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