Best Way To Use Twitter Video on Social

The way users post video to Twitter is changing, the social media giant has announced. Twitter plans to fully integrate native video capabilities as video becomes more popular. According to Twitter, video tweets have increased by more than 50 percent since the beginning of 2016.

Previously, videos uploaded to Twitter were restricted to 30 seconds in length, but with this update, anyone can create video tweets up to 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds) long. Twitter noted that select publishers can continue to post videos up to 10 minutes long through the professional publisher tools.

“With Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram’s video capabilities, Twitter had to join the party or leave,”Until now, [Twitter] was limited to text, links and photo. Video is going to extend conversations on a topic and get users much more engaged.”

The move toward video marketing

According to a recent study by DIY-video-making company Animoto, video is dominating the way professionals market their products and business. Animoto found that, of small business owners and marketers who plan to spend money on social media in the next 12 months, two-thirds plan to promote video on Facebook, more than any other channel.

YouTube is also projected to see the most growth in paid video promotion by small business owners over the next year, especially with the recent rollout of YouTube Director, the study found, and Instagram is expected to see the most growth for paid video promotion among professional marketers.

Although professional marketers ranked Snapchatlast among platforms they were confident using, more than a quarter of pro marketers see the platform, which has video storytelling capabilities, as very important or important to their social media strategy in the next year.

Business leaders should invest in the platforms where they can provide the most educational or entertaining content in a meaningful way.

How small businesses will benefit from video tweets

Twitter’s new feature will expand the storytelling experience for brands and businesses.

“Visual assets are core to how a brand tells its story, and it’s no secret that marketers are giving video more importance in their creative asset mix and shifting dollars from traditional TV to digital video. For businesses which rely on strictly organic posts, this feature will allow them to tell their story over two minutes.

The new video capabilities can also be useful for product demonstrations; video allows for a more thorough explanation of product benefits and functionality, Hernandez said. Videos such as beauty tutorials and tech gadget demonstrations will drive users to purchase.


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