How to Adapt Facebook Ad Changes

Facebook is constantly changing the way users interact with and experience the social network. Each time, these changes affect the marketers and advertisers who rely on the site’s reach.

Recently, Facebook announced it will be limiting ads based on user preferences. The company will offer everyone controls over the ads they see, including tools to opt out of online interest-based advertising. This will likely affect marketing plans as Facebook is an important tool.

While the change may come off as unnerving for businesses that rely heavily on Facebook ads, it doesn’t mean people using the site won’t be able to see your business’s messages.

Advertisers will need to shift their focus and concentrate on fine-tuning targeting and creative optimization.

This means businesses need to properly plan their content and how it’s reaching users.

Small businesses will need to explore other means of behavioral targeting to reach their audiences on Facebook. For example, location data presents a huge opportunity to profile audiences based on their physical locations, and then target them accordingly.

This trend will differentiate great marketing programs from those that are stuck in the past. It would take a lot of steps for the average user to go through and completely opt out. “I would suggest, instead, putting your energy into re-evaluating your ad strategy.”

Heinz noted that marketers should focus on relevancy. In other words, “make your content so irresistible, so valuable that prospects covet it.


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