New Twitter Character Count Means Better Customer Service

Twitter has changed the landscape of communication since the social networking site's inception 10 years ago. Users' "tweets" have always had a 140-character limit, which has forced people to get imaginative, by shortening words or closing the space between a period and the next thought. Though that creativity might not ever completely disappear, the strict [...]


Live Tweeting Tips for Small Businesses

Have you ever been to an event where you've been encouraged to tweet with a specific hashtag? Maybe it was a business conference, presidential debate or the season premiere of your favorite television show. If you've done so, you've live tweeted before. Live tweeting is the narration and distribution of useful information to an audience [...]

Twitter Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Online networking is an extraordinary free apparatus that organizations can — and ought to — exploit. Twitter, particularly, is one of the best stages for effectively captivating with your image's gathering of people, yet in the event that you make the wrong moves, you could end up tweeting into the void, or more regrettable, culpable [...]